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What does KUKA mean?

In native Andean language, Aymaran, "kuka," means "food for workers and travelers," a reference to the bounty provided by gods.  It was used to refer to the Coca plant and how its leaves played a major role in religious and social ceremonies of Andean indigenous civilizations. Maca is a main source of food and one of the very few plants that can be cultivated in the harsh climate of the Andes.  And for thousands of years, Maca has provided the natives with the means to survive for generations.  To the natives, Maca provides the quintessential reason to celebrate Pachamama’s (Mother Earth’s) bountiful gifts.

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Andean Brewing Company’s Address

We are located Blauvelt, Rockland County, NY:

300 Corporate Drive

Unit 2

Blauvelt, NY 10913KUKA - Direction

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Andean Brewing Company – KUKA Beer

Imagine a place where ancient knowledge meets modern concepts, where tradition meets the distinct, a place where two elements fuse as one, a place so exhilarating it escapes the imagination. This union is only possible because of the long-standing tradition of the Andean people committing themselves to the Pachamama - Mother Earth

At Andean Brewing Company - KUKA - our mission is to unite ancient Andean ingredients with our premium hand-crafted beers; while respecting the traditions of antiquity. We search the world looking for super plants that can be brewed for their unique characteristics.

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